25 Mar

Online personal training is for someone getting trained over the internet including, Skype, Zoom, Video call or other means. Your personal trainer will help you train from the comfort of your home live on a one-to-one basis. Your online personal trainer will instruct you how to perform your exercise and what to perform. Usually, you will be provided with a personal training programme ahead of time which will outline the exercises, the diet plan and results stated clearly. Online personal training is one of the best methods to train when you cannot travel or perform exercises in a group specially at the times of Coronavirus lockdown and restrictions. This makes online personal training a highly attractive option for stay home moms or anyone who is working from home and cannot leave their personal obligations to make time for training outside their home. 

Who can help you with online personal training? 

Most personal trainers will offer an option to train you online however that is not the case with some trainers who prefer face to face training. That is why you need to search for those personal trainers who live in your region and can provide training over the Internet. Janetta Leota is one of those trainers located in Melbourne who provide personal training over the internet to young mothers, people who had recent pregnancies, mothers with multiple kids, housewives and even male clients who work from home and are incapable of travelling. 

What do you need to get started? 

To get started you would need a stable and high-speed internet connection in order to live stream your training session. You would also need a device such as an iPad, digital smartphone or even a smart TV where you can live stream training sessions. However, the most important part that you need to get to right is being on time and following the training precisely, as the trainer cannot see you face to face and cannot pinpoint mistakes or incorrect movements and postures. This is why online personal training requires some effort from your side in order to get the desired results. 

How to achieve your goals quicker?

To achieve your goals faster you will need to follow the instructions as precisely as possible. Perform your exercises along the trainer and follow the strict recommendations regarding diet, sleep, drinking water, and reducing stress. You should also try to perform light exercise during the off time when you are not working with the instructor or your coach. This way you will be able to achieve your goals much faster and most probably develop good habits which will stick with you even when your sessions are over. So, if you follow some of these instructions and stick to your instructors plan you will have a successful and productive training.

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